Aravind Eye Care System

“Simplicity of Confidence”, so well said by Dr. V in this video. Medical practitioners’ world over have a position that many professionals don’t have.

A position where people come to them with an unflinching element of trust, as it is looked more as a service than a profession. Hence this demands a very bold responsibility on their part to make an impartial judgment of what needs to be done

All professions have their service value but the one of doctors are quite different as any deviation from the concept of service can impact highly on a life.

The high Medical cost (not just a US factor) is every where and health is not something anyone with commonsense can offer (unlike lawyers). What we need is committed doctors, who will serve the community without a price tag and another group who can make this possible through the availability of funds and support staff.

Aravind is so effective because the idea came in the mind of a doctor who had everything in his hand to make a change and when he decided to make the difference the world followed him and gave him the help and I am sure the same model will make the world a healthier place for all.

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