My Valentine Letter

To my loving wife
Well here comes another Valentine’s Day. A day when many express and acknowledge their love for their partner. Through surprising acts of love each one tries to win over their love once again. Some have been in love with each other for so long while some take this as an opportunity to address it the first time. Which ever way you are love is in the air and you can’t escape from its lovely clutches.

Here in my words I too have something for you, but this time I am taking it a bit beyond love, beyond love in the sense as been perceived during this time of the year. Not just my love to you but more of our love for the world we live in.

For my love for you, I have always told that I don’t need a Valentine’s Day to express it, and no words have been made that could pen down my hearts feelings for you. But still I would like to tell you this –

There was a wise old man I met long ago
He told me I was stupid, for I was searching for love
Years passed and I kept searching
In the old man’s words, I got stupider than before
But then one day I met you
And I thanked for my persistence to be stupid
I love you like no one has ever loved you
I will love you even if the world ever runs out of love

Our love is a personal thing, but our love for the world is for us to share with all. And this Valentine’s Day let us express our love to world by together take a few vows again

Let’s show our love for the world we live in
Make it a better place for love to live on
Let’s take the vow to bridge the gap
That stops people from loving each other

Let’s take the vow to stop the differences
That makes familiar faces look totally strange
Let’s take a vow to see other’s pains
As if it were ours for they really are

Let’s take a vow to build a world
That spreads out love with no boundaries
Let’s take a moment to share our Joy
For Success, fortune, and wealth will follow

Let’s remember the lives of those
Who gave it up for us to make ours
Let’s teach our kids to be better people
So we leave tomorrow in better hands

Let us remind ourselves once again today
We don’t live for eternity, but our actions do

Let’s start with us and move forward and a day will come when all will tread their valleys with dignity and spend their peaks in absolute humility

With love
From your Known Admirer

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  1. You write very well, Vinod. May you and your beloved fulfill the Valentine day vows.

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