Inconvenient Truths

When homes are burned by ignorant sparks
Man made gods raise swords and dance
When tears turn vapor with every cry
Dreams are collected and burned alive

When every drop of water from the wells and the rain
Is snatched and taxed from even the dying lips
When livelihoods are crushed underneath
The skyscrapers aim to kiss the heavens

When blankets are adorned with bullet holes
Plastics and leaves cover the naked bones
When the sickness passes on till all are dead
Drugs for every cure will pile up in the banks

When the educated forget the value of knowledge
The illiterate cut their thumb and drown in bottles of ink
When poets are jailed for the words they write
Books are rewritten to convey new lies

When mothers are questioned for bearing children
Their Fathers are deprived of the bread they earn
When kids are parceled from playgrounds to factories
The smoke from chimneys darken the human souls

When education is only for those who can pay
A generation is born who will sell all for money
When unlearned are pushed to forget even language
A generation is born that is both mute and blind

When traditions crumble underneath progress
Lost and buried are the age old wisdoms of man
When people are wiped out for the race they belong
The victorious loose the link with themselves

When mother nature is all finally drained
All look up to see who fathered them
And when every reasoning looses its ground
All turn to prophecies and theories for help

Wars are waged between the powerful and guilty
The weak and innocent play the role of causality
Peace is never made by bullets and sword
They only make pieces of what is already there

When many face with these inconvenient truths
They laugh off, pity or weep till tears dry
Only a glimpse of these truths need be shown
Some roll up their sleeves and make a difference

Seeing injustice, eyebrows should be raised,
Fists should be made when liberty is threatened
Man gained his freedom from tyranny and oppression
Not by asking the lords but always fighting for it

The tragedy of our human existence
Lies in our power to extinct ourselves
And every wealth that you fill in your coffers
Is no use when you lie lonely in your coffins

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