The Transit Reader

Yes; that is what I have been last few weeks. The 1.5 hours Bart trips daily connects me with characters inside the train and in the books that give me company. Here are a few titles I read and some I tried and could not complete.

After the fun filled Chetan Bhagat feast earlier, I decided to trysome more of the Indian English writers, the books I had carried with me form my last India trip. But sadly both the books I read did not take me beyond 40 pages and I think it was more like people trying to cash in on a newly found wave for fame and money. Though very disappointing books and these being theirfirst attempt I wish them all the best for upcoming books and hope they don’t try to mimic the general idiots college story trend again.

Then came a great relief when I got my hands on Will Randall’s Botswana Times. How well you get connected with places and cultures you have never known of. A must read. I know he has written on his Pune experiences in Indian Summer, should get that too sometime. But that really washed out the torture and pain of the previous ones.

  Then was time for three Non Fictions which had been in the list for long. Outliers is as good as Blink and love the insights. MalcolmGladwell has been one of my favorite Non Fiction writers. Still have not got a chance to read is what the dog saw.

Then was the new sensation Wine TV guy Gary Vanerchuck’s Crush it! How he brought his 2 million dollar wine and liquor business to a 50 million wine, media and PR company. Good insights, but very soft and amateur, finished because of the subject and the easy read.

The Story factor by Annette Simmons is the third in the Non fiction series that tells more about the importance of story telling in our lives. How story tellers are made and how stories bridge gaps between minds, people and cultures. Will recommend as well.

The Transit Read will be back in a few weeks on what I read and like or try and discard. Till then signing off!!!!


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  1. Haven’t read any of these except Chetan’s. Of my recent reads, I absolutely loved Jahnavi Barua’s ‘Next Door’ – an amazing collection of superbly crafted short stories set in the backdrop of the beautiful hills and rivers of Assam, the generous use of Asomiya English takes the reader through the many flavours of Assam. The characters lingered in me long after I was done with the stories, thus making the reading experience incredibly gratifying.

    I know I have once before recommended the same book, posting it here again for the sake of other book lovers who visit the blog!

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