Memories of Rain

Today it rained near my home, not just near my home, but all around bay area. During school time as kids rain brings mixed emotions in my mind. If it rains while going to school the world seems to be in a hurry, everyone running helter-skelter to reach the nearest safe place.

Running from the bus to the bus stop, from one shop to the next shop, from the car on to the building and buildings into the car. All running from the rain not for a moment ready to feel it drip on them. Well you can’t blame them, they all have some place to reach that does not entertain someone soaked in rain.

Now when it rained in the night, the mornings have a untold silence, if you get up and look through the window you are sure to catch one or two leaves in the nearby tree that still has a drop or two on it. If you have the time watch carefully till one of the drop falls off and breaks into a million small pieces. The only time you can see something break without making the slightest sound

You get ready and head for the school and you wonder should you take the umbrella, for me umbrella was a real pain. Finding it tough to carry myself to home without getting lost in the glittering happenings on the streets, the umbrella was an even bigger responsibility. But as all things nothing escapes your mom’s eyes and she ensures that the umbrella joins you to the school.

The classes are also fun except the fear that a sudden shower would take a day’s recess of cricket and fooling around. The worst thing would be when you have a teacher absent and it rains leaving you stranded in the class with the class monitor hovering over the most troublesome lot which always included me.

Evenings come fast and before giving itself time would marry the night in the majestic aura of the setting sun and that would put an end to the evening games back home and you are pushed unwillingly into a heap of notebooks and homework waiting for that call from the kitchen that dinner is ready. In between I would have made quite a number of visits to the kitchen as the most obedient son enquiring if I was called for, and always returning leaving an unpleasant mom.

Dinners on these days last longer for some reason, no idea why, but thats what I have sensed, or may be the most tasty food is made when clouds show up in the sky, who knows. As I tuck into my blanket and look through the window again, I could see the moon shining up and slowly to starts to drizzle and I close my eyes and my mind dances to the tunes of the rain drops falling on the tin sheet that use to lie in our back yard….

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