All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking

I have been actively walking for the past one month and initially I used to do it as a form of exercise and would time it and control my speed and route to get the maximum benefit out of it. But after some time I felt that the whole joy of walking was getting lost by the control I put on it. I sat back and thought, why I should walk and also looked and what all I did while walking.

walkingWhen I started walking I do it during my lunch break for about half hour through the busy streets of San Francisco, I always had my audio book on my phone and this way I thought I could get two things addressed, health and reading. Well then I found that I was focused more on the audio book that the process of walking.

We have been over the years trained to do multi tasking in such a way that we become paranoid and incomplete when we have t do only one thing. That thought had to break, If I walk I had to walk and not talk or read or do anything else. I stopped the audio books and started walking listening to the sounds around me and observing the people around me. I started seeing the same faces again as I did not change my routes. I set a route and followed it. same people doing different things; different people doing similar things, street vendors selling goods; professionals rushing to get their quick bite.

Except me I found that the whole world was rushing and I was slowly drifting my way through time exploring what was happening to the rest of man kind. quite interesting to note that you can be in the crowd, do just one thing and still learn a lot about how the system of which you are a part really works.

Today when I walk in the after noons, I do it for relaxing and the best ingredient of health in this busy world is getting time to relax. As life moves on you should get more time to relax and you should regain the ability to forget multi tasking to do one thing at a time. Life becomes so much simple….

My Two Cents

Get up and Walk!

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