Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven’t fallen asleep yet

I have suffered Panic attacks before but always had a low blood pressure. I have even had someone remark once that low blood pressure was a sign of lack of commitment in things. Interestingly he had a high blood pressure and that was the best reasoning I have ever heard.

Anyway when people get closer to 40 many start routine checkups and blood pressure is one thing that has a lot to do with life style and stress. The stress in life will never go away unless one takes measures to reduce it. While diet and exercise can help tremendously, my take is that the ability to reduce the stress in life should be a goal.

What is it that brings stress in our life? It can be many things including the fear of failure, The need for more in life, poor relationships and more. The core is that we consider ourselves to be the center of the world and thereby try to control it and in the process get worked up with everything that happens around us.

The only solution is to let go. The world does not just depend on you; Get over with the thought that if you take rest the world will stop spinning. Nothing will happen, Chill Dude; it does not have to be that serious.

My Two Cents

Don’t Stress!