The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck

If I say life is a balanced mix of opportunities and risk, I am sure many would disagree, more vehemently those who feel that life has always been a struggle and when everyone had their share of opportunities they were left behind. Is this true?

Do some people encounter more opportunities than others without having to face the same amount of risks to achieve what they want. May be, but I can only speak from my experience and for me, even though I cannot be sure if I have had the same amount of opportunities and risk, I can very well say that life has been balanced by them. There might be many opportunities that came and went without me noticing. There are many that came, I noticed, did not care and time moved on.

Not every risk I have taken in my life have fared well for me. Some could be termed stupidity and I took the plunge rather hastily. But every risk I have taken has taught me something about calculating the aftermaths of every decision. But in total I would say that I am happy with the opportunities that came my way, but not happy with how I reacted and going forward I guess I need to look at every moment in life to so something better than the last one.

Opportunities are nothing but a question thrown at you which you can choose to not answer. Just like someone asking you do you want this job or not?


My Two Cents

Listen, it must be next to you!

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