My Bookstore….

There has never been an age when knowledge has been so much accessible and so many people acquiring it at such a faster pace. Thanks to the internet and the new technology that enables people to share among others. But yet why do I feel sad when I visited the Borders store in my town that was closing out. We had a Borders and a Barnes and Noble (B&N) in our town and we have memories connected to the walls in there.

I did my first open mic at the B&N here and when they closed the writers group moved to borders, but before I could visit there, they too are closing. When I saw the B&N close I said what a miss, not just because it was closing but because I missed the chance to buy books at a cheap price. So logically I should be happy when I see another store go out of business, but that is not what happened.

As I and my family walked through the bookstore we saw people hugging each other as if they were leaving one another. I saw an unsaid sadness in people’s face as they stood in long lines to buy all they could for a low price. I saw the kids run around picking and dropping books and toys. Our 3 year world was feeling he was in a wonder land. But No More I thought, this was the last book store in the town, we don’t have any more of these in here. We were in a place that was being wiped off the map.

Book stores have been a part of my generation, a place to meet your date if you are not a Bar guy, a place to spend time alone and safe. A place where you were filled with wisdom, philosophy, poetry, literature and life. A place where the smiling attendent asks you if they can help and spends so much time with you talking about books. A place where no one will disturb you and all were silent. A place where aspiring writers came together looked at the books on the shelf and imagined theirs as well. It was a place where life was given a meaning much beyond what was even written in the books that they stocked.

It was a place where kids grew to be adults and adults happily got aged. It was a place where communities were build and people helped each other. It was a common home for those in the town where they spend a good part of their life. With it not being there, people have lost a place, a place to be, a place to belong where they can play a part with any character in any book that adorned the shelves.

I miss my Bookstore….
Share this if you miss yours or want yours to remain….

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  1. yes…even i do miss my book store where i used to spread my wings of imagination …it was a place where my life was given a meaning… for me it was a place where i was enjoying the beauty of silence… i am really in need of my book store back…

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