To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved

Life is all about trust, the trust you keep on who is in front of you and what he or she says. The trust in the person behind you who would hold you when you fall back. Trust rebuilds burnt bridges, and instills a pathway for people to pass mind to mind.

Trust can make life much more happier than it is and I believe that a person is defined by his trust on the people he or she relates to. I have been fortunate to hold my opinion of trust untainted irrespective of the fact that my trust has found itself in wrong places more than once.

What makes me trust in spite of being bitten many times, is the unflinching belief in human character and that inherently people are good. And above all the decision that I will not make my life miserable by mistrusting someone. To live and love life to its fullest you need to Trust….

My Two Cents

Never lose your ability to TRUST!

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