My Recent Reads in business and Spirituality


microtrendsHad been in my list for a long time, but it is now that I got time to consume it. Beautiful written by Mark J. Penn this is a collection of various Microtrends as they shape and have shaped our society. From Soccer Moms to male knitters, this is a very engrossing book. If you liked Freakanomics, I would recommend this too

In the praise of Slowness

In-praise-of-slownessCarl Honore’s “In the praise of slowness” is a landmark book on the concept of slowing down. A
must read for everyone who is part of the busy life where time flies fast and you try hard to catch up and still find you are late.

linchpin-150x150I have read most of Seth Godin’s books and liked them. Linchpin for some reason did not touch me that well, again just my thought.

Zen at Work
Zen-at-workLes Kaye was an IBM engneer and manager for over 35 years and a Zen Monk. This is an excellent book where he unravels his work in IBM both as an engineer and a monk. The best book I have read on concept of balance

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