Morality which depends upon the helplessness of a man or woman has not much to recommend it. Morality is rooted in the purity of our hearts

Not a positive note but I thought it was important to write this as people often find themselves in situations where they know they feel so helpless and weak to respond or find a solution.

The feeling of helplessness is one of severe pain where a person finds all his knowledge, wit, might and ability incapable of restoring normalcy. Some instances are where people become victims of false accusations that they cannot counter. When misunderstandings put you in positions where you are unable to clear the doubting mind. My first thought of someone responding to helplessness is standing in the open and crying out loud at nothingness begging for a change.

I have always felt that I can always explain my side of any story because I never knowingly manipulate. But when you live in a society
where you and your actions don’t exist in isolation you are bound by how people react. I have found many folks who never find themselves helpless, sometimes because they overcome the helplessness by creating a new truth that they will then start believing. I have seen this happen with many people I know and have also tried if this is possible. But I have found that it is not easy as it sounds

For me, my reality is a mix of my past, people connected to me, my thoughts and my present and often creating a new truth
is impossible. Even if I create a new truth I am sure my heart will discard it as it will throw my life out of synch.

While I also think that helplessness can drive someone to wards insanity, on a positive note helplessness like any other thing is also part of life and nothing is complete unless one experiences it. Understanding that everything is not in your control and that you don’t need to control everything, even if it is related to your own life, one will be able to find peace in any situation whether you can change it or not.

My Two Cents

Help Someone who is Helpless!

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