There is no delight in owning anything unshared

Today we watched the movie Rango and was great fun to see a western animated movie. Reminded me of the good, the bad and ugly days 🙂 when great movies were made.

What touched my heart was not what I saw on the screen, but what happened inside the theatre. Before the movie started, I saw two kids climbing up the stairs and the ender one who was walking in the front tripped and part of the popcorn fell on the ground next to the guy sitting.

She immediately apologized for the mistake without crying for the spilled popcorn. Seeing that her sister a kid of probably 6
years calls out :Don’t worry I can share mine with you” The elder one smiles back and says “That’s OK, I still have some left in by bucket”

How much we learn from kids, some of the profound thoughts in the world can be derived from there. If you are ready to share your bucket and that of others will never be empty

My Two Cents

Share Something You Have!


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