I Could Eat My Body Weight in Sushi


The first time I had Sushi, I experienced a feeling that would linger on in my mind and taste buds for a long time. Many people from the Indian subcontinent would have experienced this as a result of a very simple folly of misunderstanding wasabi for chutney. After this happened about eight years ago, thanks to two of my friends who saw it all happen and never warned me, I kept away from sushi for a long time. Even at times when asked in business meetings would say “Anything other than Sushi”

I am not really sure when this change occurred but I find that over that past one to two years I have had a lot of sushi
lunches and the past 2 months have been a sushi and sashimi parade. The taste of wasabi, ginger, fish and soy sauce lingers through the whole day and is such a good experience now.

After a few attempts at various places, I have identified a great place to get chef specials, California rolls and more for a very affordable price, making my lunch a time to look forward for. Though I have been reducing carb and the fact that sushi rice is high on carb, I am in a dilemma as to how I can manage the same. When it comes to health, Sushi is a great choice with the fish and low fat and No frying. Though Sashimi is a great alternative as it has no Carb, the cost vs. quantity is not a favorable equation for my appetite.

I had written sometime back that I would love a diet that is a healthy choice of what food I love, sushi falls in the right place. Need to explore if there is any diet that can nullify the carb intake. It is so true that what you don’t like now could tomorrow be something you love so much. I am not sure if my recent reading of Zen is also adding to this sushi love….

My Two Cents

Eat what you Love!

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