A healthy mind has an easy breath

If you look at our life you will know that the first thing we would have done as a living being is ‘Breathing’. If you think further this is the exact thing what you will be doing last before you die. This is so profound that you come and leave this world in the same way. This reminds me of the last seen in the “Curious case of Benjamin Button” when the Benjamin button as a kid closes the eyes with the symbolic life ending.

We also know how important the significance of breathing is to the very existence of life and so further than just sustaining life, it should also be having importance in maintaining a healthy life. It is said that breathing the correct way can be so healthy for us not just for our immune systems, but also for our new problems like Stress, hypertension and more.

The faster we breathe the tenser we get and slower we breathe the calmer and composed we get. Breathing exercise is now a common activity in many forms of exercise regimes. It is also interesting to note that this can be done in a normal way without having to do it as an exercise. Correcting our normal breathing process to take deep breaths can help in keeping stress levels down.

People often inhale in a committed fashion, but fail to exhale completely. It is not about filling you up, but it is of emptying you. Studies even tell that instead of breathing with your chest use your Belly and this can make significant improvement to the healthy side. Breathe well, Breathe smooth, Keep Breathing for a long long time…..

My two Cents

Breathe Well; in.. out… in.. out..!


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