I want to be what I was when I wanted to be what I am now

How true it is that we grow out of innocence and goodness into being guilty of being badness. And when we look at kids we think they are wrong and not us. A few years ago I had created a list of things we can do as adults that can remind us of our childhood. The common element in the whole list was regaining the ability for us to act like kid without thinking if we look like a fool.

I once took my son to shave his head and when I was holding him and the razor taking the still small hairs from his head, I was filled with a
sudden want to join him. Once he was done, I sat in the chair and told the lady, shave my hair too. She was surprised and smiled at me. I said “I am serious, let me join him” I pleaded. My wife looked at me as we had to attend a birthday party that evening. But she signed yes to the lady who put the razor onto my head and brought out kid in me J

When we feel happy, we should dance, when we feel pain we should cry, when we see others in pain, we should feel bad. We should share what we have, we should be polite. It is high time that we adults be reminded of things we were taught but have forgotten as we got older.

If you want to be younger when you are 40 you better start acting like a kid again and learning how to be good

My two Cents

Go; Find the Kid in You!


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