Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge

Predictability is what man always pursues so he can be sure of what is ahead. I am not sure how man gets so fixated with managing stuffs. Sometimes I feel it is because of the fear of things going wrong. The majority of people hate surprises that are not funny and good. But the fact is that however man tries he has absolutely no clue of what is going to happen and he is often reminded of this in one way or the other.

The more he feels he can predict the more unknown things fall for him.The more people say they can predict things, the more crooked they start looking. Though he understands that things are not really in his control, he labors in the delusion that it is or can be with a bit more proper management.

Man loves to be in control and predicting, managing and planning are all part of his urge to control and be a master. To be complete you need to let go sometime in life and with open heart, eyes and hands welcome the unknown that awaits you a few seconds ahead…..

My Two Cents

Acknowledge Unpredictability!


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