Men who never get carried away should be.

How many times in life have I been carried away by emotions and many times I have realized that I have found there was a better way of doing it. It is true that at times we are controlled by our emotions, or most of the time it is the emotion we show that defines us, at least for people who know us. He is very short tempered, He is kind of funny, She is very positive, She is the nervous kind, They are always happy and the list goes on.

Now being funny, happy and positive are good to hear but short tempered and nervous are not
exactly what people would like to be the definition of who they are. But then you are called by what you say your name is, can’t blame the world, it is you.

Today looking back if someone asks me have I have lost because I got carried away, Yes, that I don’t feel like keeping a tab. Do you get carried away now, that is also an answer ‘YES’. But now there is slight difference than how it was before, I kind of take a break and check if that is what I think it is and most often I find my answer.

I am not sure what people define me as, and I am not sure, if that matters any more for me, if one needs to correct himself on anything, I believe it should be just for himself and not the world. In that matter, I have my definition of me and the world has its about me, I am happy with mine but I don’t know about the world…

My Two Cents

Don’t strive for control; always!

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