Hurt leads to bitterness, bitterness to anger, travel too far that road and the way is lost

Every separation has its own bitterness that always taints memories, but time is such a big healer that if we let it do its job, it will bring the earth and sky together to clean things up for you. I have seen my fair share of separations and break ups in my life, friends, family and other people I know. Though I have not seen one that ended happily when the parting happened, I am always hopeful for all who went different ways finally reach their own separate ways of happiness.

Bitter memories are just like anything that gives a bitter taste in your
mouth. You never think to keep it lingering on your taste buds but choose to swallow or spit it out. Then how come people hold on to every single bitterness that they experience in life without letting go. Reliving every moment of agony they went through every time the past calls them, Is it worth it?

You can only free yourself if you let go of everything that you control and bitter memories are one such thing you and only you control. People hold on to it not because they like it, but because they want to. They want to make sure that their anger and bitterness towards someone does not end that easily. They love the fact that they are feeling bad about someone who has in one way or other hurt them.

A hurt does not necessarily make you cry in the open, it kills you slowly when you hold on to it. I wish not to succumb to my bitterness towards anyone, and I wish they not do so either. Today I am freeing myself and those I know by letting go all bitterness in my past so time can take its role in shaping the future….

My two Cents

Life is too short to remain Hurt!


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  1. Good one! I believe in forgiving and forgetting rather than burning my blood and peace of mind with anger for someone who is like me…!! Nice thoughts

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