It is a tough world ahead and the only way to survive is being GOOD

A few decades ago it was true when you say that hundred years from now, probably no one will know that you ever existed, unless you do something grandiosely good or outrageously bad and that was publicized or written about. This thought helps in one way to take this life easier and enjoy it when you have it.

But the scenario has changed a bit in the recent past with the emergence of the
information age. Now everything you say and do will be there for the future generation to dissect, review, comment, ridicule, laugh and weep on. However you sugar quote a fact or hide the cries of truth between the hordes of smiley J faces, the future will surface the truth if it wants to.

May be it will not pull you out of your coffin and make you stand trial. But somewhere in the hidden corners of some unknown mind your thoughts will reemerge and it will call out into the past. It will go back in time and reconstruct the truth from the forgotten ashes, unveil the layers of deliberate manipulation and in a platter it will serve the world your true self.

When that happens; for you to be sure that the world does not name you among the mistakes of the past, you have no choice but to think, do, act and be GOOD. It is a tough world ahead and the only way to survive is by being GOOD.….

My Two Cents
Do Nothing; Just be GOOD!

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  1. Thank You for such a good post I hope your message is contagious and gets to others also….it’s a tough world and people have lot of stress in life ….being good will only help


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