If you had two jobs, one hard and boring and other easy and fun, which would you do first and why?

As a kid once I asked my mom and dad, if they had two jobs one easy and fun and the other hard and boring, which would they choose to do first and why. I am not sure why I asked that, probably I was in a dilemma with two tasks I was asked to do by someone.

What interested me was how differently my parents answered that question and over the years I have many times tried to analyze their answers, why they decided that way and what I could learn from that. I had first asked my Dad as he was doing his evening read. He took his eyes from his book and said “I would do the hard and boring job first and then I will have fun doing the easy one“. He continued “You always feel good when the boring job is out of the way” He smiled as usual. I heard that and probably carried on with what I was doing.

Then sometime, may be another day, I don’t remember I asked my mom the same question “Mom If you were given two jobs, one hard and boring and the other easy and fun, which would you choose to do first and why?” For the person my mother was she would have first asked why I wanted to know and then I being me would have told her something that convinced her momentarily. Here is what she said “I don’t look at jobs as hard, easy, boring or fun; I will first do the job that is most important to be done”

I don’t know how I would have felt at that time from these two different answers, but looking back now as I have done many times I think both answers defined their roles. Dad always felt that fun happened after a day’s hard work and mom felt that her job was based on the importance or need of the hour. There are never wrong answers to such questions, but everyone answers them from the position of responsibility that they take in life…..

My Two Cents

There can be different correct answers to the same question!