Life is not just a journey of learning; it is also a journey of unlearning

It is interesting to note that everything we are now is the result of an evolution. Just like how man evolved from what he was before to how a person evolves over his life time. Long ago I read somewhere that we keep our couches normally facing the front door for a reason. If not facing the front door, I have found that we often can see someone coming through the front door when we sit on the living room couch.

The reason is very interesting and dates back to when man lived in caves. He always lived with a constant fear looking outside to avoid something entering the cave un noticed. I am not sure if that is true, but I liked that deduction and then thousands of years we still have some instincts that was borrowed from those times.

If we look at our life and how it has transformed you can narrow anything in you to something that has happened before. This gives us a very strong tool to correct ourselves if needed. We are like this because we choose it from what happened before. If we can trace any of our being to an incident or aspect in the past, we can evaluate and rectify if something is wrong.

A behavior that is forced by a hurting incident, an outlook that we have now and traces to the way we learned something in our past. Man is not a new invention nor is his emotions, you can think just as much like the one next to you if you want to. It is just your decision to put your mind, heart and energy on where it should be. Life is not just a journey of learning; it is also a journey of unlearning…

My Two Cents

Sometimes you have to unlearn to open your mind!

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