To live life to the fullest you have to be fearless to trust the person next to you

“It is a jungle out there” I have heard that many times. The usage was more common when someone had to tell that you should be ruthless. But I always imagined how the jungle would be if everyone there became ruthless. I agree that the advice was to ensure that you survived against all odds, but also it was an advice that finally meant being cut throat.

In my life I have learned that there is more to life than living in a so called jungle. Beyond being ruthless and living a life where you can believe and trust the person next to you. Might get bitten a few times but there are surely more people like you who are trying to find their way through the jungle.

I am not saying you should take shit, but just that don’t walk around with a pack of shit to thrust into the throat of the first person you meet. You can give a benefit of doubt to others and life can be much different. If we believe that the person next to you is waiting to pounce on you, you can’t blame him for thinking the same way.

The core reason that makes you want to act tough is your fear. The fear that your existence is threatened by everything and anyone other than you. To overcome that fear you have to first understand that there is nothing to gain or loose. You can always loose what you have and always gain what you have lost.

You are no exception to having to follow this cycle in your life. To trust you have to be fearless, and there is nothing more honorable in life than being fearless. Am I afraid, Yes I am…., do I want to be fearless?, Yes I do, Am I ready to believe in the person next to me? Yes I am……

My Two Cents

Do one thing you fear! You will have one thing less to fear!

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