The urge to shout obscenity can be quenched only by doing it; do it, don’t hold back

I have always had an attraction to using bad language but have seen many of my friends who used to do so frequently in normal communications moving away from it as they grew older. Now nearing 40 years I admit that I still use that foul language skills when ever I get a chance. I guess many of the people I know roll their eyes when I do so. Well that is them, this is me 🙂

Today it was raining heavily here and my car windows were up and stereo was not on and I was overcome by a sudden urge to talk the same way. And as I drove I started shouting on the top of my voice all the obscenities I know in my mother tongue Malayalam. what a nice  priceless experience it was…

I was rather impressed by my creative delivery of such a large vocabulary of bad words. I even sang some of the great ‘below the belt’ parody songs of our era loudly. At the street light I was even more energetic and expressive till I saw the guy in the next car looking and smiling. I looked at him and sang even louder. He smiled again. The poor chap was a white guy who would not have understood anything. He would have thought that I was having fun singing some top of the chart hits of the recent years. Well these were still the hits we grew up with.

I never knew that you feel so good and relaxed once you do something that you have such an urge to do. I thank all the people who connected me with the creative foul language skills that so many years later gave me these moments of joy and relaxation. As you grow old you need to connect with your inner self, and if your inner self is this, then you can’t blame, just connect, you will love it 🙂

My Two Cents

If you want to do something silly, Do it!