You are not born with a dictionary in your head; but a few thoughts lined up in your heart

Communication is the most powerful tool taught in business and life. A few weeks ago when I took my 4 year old to the doctor, the doctor said that we should teach him more than one language and that helps in IQ. It was interesting to look back and see how I connected with the English language, the one I now mostly use.

As a kid I grew up believing that the people who were well read and had the greatest command of the English language were the ones who used words that was not generally spoken much, and many (especially me) needed a dictionary to sit and read. This whole myth was shattered when I visited the United States.

The US has been a place where for centuries people who knew no english came in and made it in spite the fact that the main language for communication was English. Here it was learned by all that language is for communicating and not to just give English tests throughout your life. If you have to convey something; do so with the most used and common words, unless you don’t find one. Communicate so you have to live well and not so people look dumb struck at your command in language

I have always had a very limited vocabulary and I guess I have also been ridiculed by many pointing to that.  I don’t think over the years I have grown much out the words I already know except the new usages I learned here. And no wonder I get so impressed with children’s book even now as they use so simple a language. But recently I find that too complex as I have no clue of the thousands of characters that even my 4 year old know by heart. I guess there is now more than language to comprehend something

Well, you are not born with a dictionary stored in your head, but a few thoughts lined up in your heart…..

My Two Cents

It is not the language but the heart that communicates!

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