The simplest things are often the truest

A while back I had done a Facebook status update that read something like “Man lives his life by creating complex solutions to life’s simple problems”. I was reading an interesting comment in a book “Men are reluctant to accept what they can easily grasp”. People think they are less challenged if they only go with the simple things in life.

Somewhere within us is ingrained the fact that complexity is the sign of a supreme formation, be it poetry, art, literature or philosophy. But I have found that the simplest things, the most easily understandable things are the ones that make so profound an impact in human life.

A long with someone you love is a very simple activity that can add so much to a life. A fifteen minutes where you leave everything else and allow your four year old to jump on you and let him make you the characters in his story book, can teach you a lot. Telling your daughter that dreams have wings and that she can fly with them is not only simple but also true.

Life can have a lot of complexity which are not necessary and not worth trying to comprehending and so we should choose to leave it. Anytime you feel things tough to understand look at something that you can understand and focus on it, you can see that all life’s complexity withers off to that single moment for you to live

My Two Cents

Go Simple; Enjoy Life!

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