Always be a poet, Even in prose

I have nothing much to say today and so I thought I will write a poem and here you go..

I have nothing to say today
Seems all have been told
Not by me, but someone else before me
For my mind is silent and relaxed today

I sometimes wonder why I should write
Though I can still sound them out

What difference does it make
If I write, talk or shout…

Words spoken will get washed in time
But written words remain forever
Staining or decorating the pathways of time
So I write. Crap or worthy for readers to judge

If you know a word, write it down
Then learn another and write that down
Link them up together another day
See the meaning blossoming next

I too wrote a word the other day
Another one I penned yesterday
Today I linked them up for you
And it now calls out “LOVE YOU”

My Two Cents

Sit Down Today and Write a Poem! Please…!

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