Romance with your unimportance; you could become free


When the world often runs towards positions of importance and power, there is a significant amount of folks who search for positions that are exactly opposite. Success has been always measured by wealth, power and importance and so in a world where moving towards success is the goal; these people kind of run back.

There is certain romanticism in being unimportant, you ask a celebrity and he or she will tell you. The romantic part of being an unknown is that you are free. Your thoughts, action and emotions are not really controlled by who you are or what the world perceives or believes who you are. As people climb the social strata they also leave behind elements of that simple romanticism of life. Getting wet because you don’t have a car can be romantic; Being somewhere where nothing is dependent on you can also be romantic.

Though man is born free; his whole life he is in a fight to regain his freedom; which he has somehow lost in his process to grow. Freedom is a romantic concept where one romances with his or her ability to be what they want when they want and where they want. For this one should be free and the ultimate freedom is being unimportant so that the world might not even know that you exist. Discarding power that you have can make you unimportant. The realization that any amount of wealth will not give you freedom is one step closer to freedom.

The powerful are driven by a world which forces them to remain in power. The powerless are driven by the powerful so they can trampled using power and the free live somewhere in between minding their own business as they are too unimportant and insignificant to be noticed. I dedicate this post to the power of unimportance and insignificance that can set you soul free to romance in this world and enjoy this life in its complete romantic exuberance.

My Two Cents

Be Unimportant and Be Free

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