Generation gap is a game; first half you play for one side and second half you play for the other


We always thought we were wired just perfect, till we see our kids grow up and then we wonder if the correct wiring is in their heads or ours. This is in another way called the generation gap. And the sad part of generation gap is that there is hardly anything we can learn from how we played it with our parents, because we still think we were correct, though we would like to say otherwise in front of our kids. The whole issue is about the wiring in the head, we simply don’t understand a lot of  things and seem to do a bad job prioritizing (at least according to the next generation).

I think we get it wrong the moment we think that there is a problem to be tackled. We approach the generation gap with a closed mind assume well ahead that we have a problem that needs to be addressed, may be our parents also did the same. But the new generation never thinks there is a problem, it is just different for them. I am happy that we have a pretty understanding 12 year old, but yet; images of generation gap exists in every corner in our house and if you look at it from my daughters eyes, what you can see is an adult moron walking around trying to fix things that are not broken. But the fact is I can’t see it 🙂

Not that I like to look at myself as a moron, but the fact of the matter is that we are often boiling pots of distasteful ignorance ready to spill all over the next generation when they are trying to ripen themselves into the future. Books, music, movies, career, attitude, dressing everything is changing. And we are too, but we have over the years built a whole bunch of solid theories of how things should be and with that we try to lighten our paths ahead. The sad part if that the changes that happen are not visible in the light of the old theories we have created.

What we need is to go back to basics and look at what the world has now and then assuming that we have all the time we had thirty years bank look at building our future. Not only will we see ourselves differently we will also be able to understand the coming generation better. And then from ignorance to enlightenment we take a small step and prepare ourselves for the years ahead.

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Bridge the Gap; Embrace the Difference

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