Sreesanth – The untold hero of Indian Cricket

Here is what happened and no paper will ever report; another planned effort against the great malayalee and the state is in total shock and the high command is seriously discussing the matter (avalokanam in political malayalaee  terms).

Though I am not in liberty to give you the complete details of issues, here are some of the headlines that papers were suppose to report, but some vampan karutha kaikal (big black hands in malayalam) got it removed.

Sreesanth – the only person in the indian team who enquired and cared about the girl who was suppose to run naked.

Dhoni asks sreesanth to shut up when he says “mone ini olade uduthoori ottavum koodi kandal world kup kushaalaayi” (now if we can see her run nude the world cup would have been complete)

Sreesanth tries to come out after Dhoni hits the wining sixer, but found himself behind glass doors. (many malayalees found this as a planned effort)

Sreesanth VKC hawai chappals var (strap in malayalam) broke and so he had to come bare footed to collect his trophy

Sreesanth was the only player who tried to hug a bystander during the commotion (chance as we malayalees call it). Also known as “chulivil oru goal”

Cricket has india and India has sreesanth; every malayalee today stands one inch taller

I will show them in Australia and newzealand next time – Sreesanth tells dhoni and dhoni looks at the slectors

Both Sachin and Sreesanth start with a ‘S’ – Sreesanth proud of his name and says he has two ‘S’ in his

I might retire before Sachin – Sreesanth proclaims in a whisper; luckily no one heard

Sreesanth texts to kattangal sarasu “Kittiyedi Kitti, world cup kitti;” Sarasu texts back “Xh@tg%^” Sreesanth weeps

Sreesanth is the greatest player who never played – The proud malayalee

Kerala CM calls sreesanth to congratulate him and guarantees that he will have one of the leading leftist barbers to cut his hair

Sreesanth looks at the mirror and says “Ithanu mone kali, kalichilenkilentha, iniyonnu kulichittu mudi cheekanam” (this is the game, what if I did not play; now I need a shower and comb my hair)

Barbers all over Kerala folk around sreesanth’s house in kochi to cut his lucky worldcup winning hair to make wigs for upcoming cricketers to wear and play. Great Going Sreesanth!!!

Dhoni gives India a victory; sreesanth runs into the ground and removes his pad. Dhoni says “vellam konduva mone dinesha” (bring water in malayalam mohan lal narasimham style)

Sreesanth’s superstition is that if he combs his hair it is unlucky for India; Great Going Sreesanth, You are da man!!!

Joining all Mallus in this great achievement, Share it for Sreesanth!

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9 replies

  1. Great shot boss!

  2. We have to give him credit, he brought in competition by giving them runs…and he was there as a nookukuthi. We need those too, dont we.

  3. Mandanalum avan randu kaliyil kayaripattiyallo, veruthe vittere 🙂

  4. ഇവന്‍ എന്ത് ചെയ്തു? വെറുതെ നിന്ന് നോക്കു കൂലി ഒരു കോടി രൂപ കീശയിലാക്കി!

  5. Heard that head loading unions have approached him for making him their brand ambassador. Also heard that he is planning to start “koodothram” consultancy.

  6. I’m a malayalee myself but find this cricketer sreesanth so disgusting that I plan to start a signature campaign against him to state that we mallus dont endorse his jaada attitude.
    – pk


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