Aayenah Pahuja the DD Anchor who covered iffi ‘IS NOT’ the dumbest Anchor in the Media

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.27.11 PMTwo days back when the Youtube video surfaced, I wrote a blogpost which was part humor and part serious, because I felt bad when I saw that a DD anchor comes in so much unprepared to cover such a huge event.

Though the video clip looked very much edited (which I mentioned in the blog) and I felt bad for the anchor Aayenah Pahuja, I went ahead with the blogpost, and in the process probably added more fuel into the ridicule flame. As a blogger sometimes you write pieces for its humor reasons, I have done this before on the cricketer Sreesanth during the last world cup…. https://vinodnarayan.com/2011/04/02/sreesanth-the-untold-hero-of-indian-cricket/

I did not feel bad when I wrote about Sreesanth, but I honestly feel bad that I wrote about Aayenah, because there are times when the humane reason should take over the humor reason. It was not cool on my part to blog and create humor at the expense of a young Anchor whose edited video became viral. I should have been more considerate….

I wish to personally apologize to Aayenah for that previous post, but will let that post remain there to remind me (and others) of my mistake and have linked that blogpost to this one so anyone reading that will be prompted to read this.

The internet and social media is such that no one knows what goes viral and when something goes viral you cannot make it unviral. So discretion is often needed on what is being uploaded, written or shared….

Sometime back Aaliya Bhatt’s video went viral and probably replaced all the initial jokes people made on her, so internet also has the power to respond back. Aayenah should take this as her opportunity, good or bad, it is difficult to get publicity, now that she has it she should make the best of it, instead of losing heart. Take it as a learning experience, be prepared, never trust on an instruction mic again.

If I was a responsible blogger (as I wish to believe), I should have blogged differently at least when it was obvious that the video was edited. I did not do that, and that is purely my fault.

The DD team’s acceptance that there were technical difficulties during the recording and even after being quite inexperienced Aayenah took up the challenge, did not walk out and went ahead, proves she was not dumb and instead of going numb and mum she moved on. What we saw was not a veteran anchor but a budding one who was probably put in a role which was not her most comfortable turf. Yes she had a slip of tongue about the Governor episode (I also mocked about it in my blog) but a mistake happens from anyone and we should let go of it.

That being said…. I have not seen the original video which I saw posted somewhere but as it was a private video I could not watch. Probably DD should release the original unedited video for the people to watch.

But I am still of the opinion that whether Aayenah or anyone else, anchoring a big event could do more research about the event and have enough stuff to talk about it if situation demands. The anchor telling they do not know about movies while covering IFFI is a big NO and shows poorly on not just them but also on the TV channel. This is something I think Aayenah should also own up.

Though I had not anywhere in my previous blog mentioned the word ‘Dumb’ or ‘Stupid’ in reference to the anchor, I wanted to have this blogpost to just say she is not the Dumbest or stupidest anchor, she is just inexperienced. I did not think she was dumb even when I wrote the first post nor do I feel now. I felt she was unprepared back then, which I even now feel.

Aayenah, I honestly wish you all the best and my sincere apologies for my previous post and I am sure you will make this viral video work for you than work against you. Sometimes we all need something that will ignite that fire in us to charge up. May be this is that ignition…. move on with it….

The internet public has a very small memory, and they like controversies, they love when someone falls, but… but… there is something they love more… when someone emerges from a fall, because most of the people surfing the net are trying to find solace for their own beaten up fallen selves as they battle unhealed wounds of failure. So hang on there and tomorrow with your response they might also list you up as their hero figure… take this chance to emerge……

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  1. Still remember Ms Pahuja even after six years. Maybe because I felt bad for her then. Looking up, dont see much of new nowadays. Hope she is doing well in her career


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