Indian Spices

Indian SpicesI know of the Indian spices that
are scattered in the big seas
so the fish could be caught
spicy and ready for the pan

I know of the Indian butcher who
made his chickens eat spices
so they could live slowly and
marinated; ready for the tandoor

I know of this Indian dude who
looks like me but hates spices
so much that he eats only boiled
vegetables without sprinkling salt

They say if you have Indian spices
you are lucky to meet a beautiful Indian
lady who will take you to bollywood
and let you dance to its tunes

It is all about Indian spices because
they make other food look so bland
and even if they have any spice they
are never as colorful as the Indian spices

Another thing about Indian spices is that
each one has a story which will become
part of you when you savor it… it will
let your ‘inside’ travel anywhere outside

Finally Indian spices tell the truth
they do not lie to the people who eat them.
They are so truthful that they will make you cry
and laugh with joy at the same time
Indian spices are so spicy

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