A Friend’s Misinterpreted Dream and his wife

Misinterpreted DreamI once asked a friend what was his most
misinterpreted dream.
He gave a blank look as if I had asked
him for his wife.
Well may be not his wife, but something
that the world thought was dear to him.
Coming to his wife, I’m not sure if he considered
his wife dear, well he said he did;
but why should you trust a friend
especially when they talk about their spouses.
Talking about spouses are lame. I did not say that
there was another friend who once overheard
our conversation butt in and gave his 2 cents.
Well I never thought it was lame,
yes at times you can go into a mode of exaggeration
and exaggeration is good; don’t mistake me
but the limits should be set by oneself.
If you allow others to set the limits for your exaggeration
they will add to it… they will make you look so stupid
that even you will start believing it.
You would stand in front of the mirror and
feel sorry for the image in the mirror
because of it’s sad state of affairs;
the curse to be nothing but a reflection of you
your stupid self…
So never allow others to set limits for you
exaggeration is one thing; but you should not allow them to
set limits on anything related to you
You should be like this wide universe with no end
always expanding and filling up the
nothingness that did not exist before you filled in
It is interesting to note that
dreams can never be interpreted and so
it can never be misinterpreted either
It can only be dreamt and then when you wake up
just like how you snap your finger
it disappears with a small click…
No wonder my friend gave me that look
when I asked him the question about his
most misinterpreted dream….
May be he really considers his wife very dear
May be, who knows.. may be he is dreaming…


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