Chaotic Answers to Silent Questions

MistEveryone has been saying
go and find that deep silence in you;
I have been shouting at the top of my voice
all my life and the world cares less;
My vocal chords cut through the
vanity of this world and still no one listens.
Now they want me to find my deep silence,
so I would stay quiet.
But then, what if I get lost in that silence.

They say that in silence you can hear
the world singing.
But I don’t want to hear the world singing
I want the world to hear me sing
Is there a way for the world to clean its ears
than banishing me into my own world of silence?

Well… I don’t know about you
but for me, silence is that final sword
which you should use only to commit suicide

But I like silence some times.
When I get bored of trivial things that claim
that there is something above humanity.
That humans are just puppets
all destiny has been written before time existed
and that you have no control.
Then I like silence.

Well honestly I like to say ‘shut up’. but no one will care.
They like to labor on the delusion that
there is something divine that will correct
every err of their human existence.
I would prefer the torture of silence
instead of slavery to that thought.

Maybe only people who have not connected
with the silence deep within them
can believe in such crap. Who knows?
Some things are confusing
There are answers that are made up
before questions are born.
And these answers are intended to
silence those who question

Not all questions need an answer and
silence is not an answer to any question
so we need to talk, we need to let people
hear us.
Some things have no order…..
they drive into your mind like some freeway….
when you show them the exit,
they show you the middle finger
They prefer their deaf sleepy realities
to our wide awake chaotic dreams….
But we should not allow that…
We should never allow that…

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