Curtains don’t speak for the houses

Curtain GhostsSome curtains bear the smell of
suppressed adulthood.
Some of blood stain from a forgotten yesterday
that had over time made it look like
a painter’s dying strokes of red.
I know that curtains cannot speak for the house.
it cannot even speak for the windows.
it’s only role is to hide what happens inside.
But it picks the mood in every house pretty well
it becomes sad and happy,
clean as well as dirty.
But it cannot speak for the house
not for the people in it,
not even for the windows.

Every curtain does have a story though,
a story that has fragments of time
trapped in those rooms.
Someone once said curtains move because
dead people in the house hang on to them.
Yet curtains cannot speak for the houses
they cannot even speak for the windows

Yes they envy doors,
the masculinity of the shut doors are on which
the curtains get their share of daily orgasm.
May be they want to make the windows jealous
Some windows even shatter with jealousy
But no one blames the curtains.

Curtains are never the culprits for anything
that happens in the house.
Except when a murder happens
and they cannot hide it.
And when there are visitors that night
in the blind man’s house next door.
That time the curtains get blamed.

But still curtains do not speak for the houses
they don’t even speak for the windows
they just hang in there and bear the
pains of every household.
Innocent for everything that happens
except when the murder happens
Curtains don’t speak for the houses
They might even let the Ghosts stay in them
but they do not speak for the houses