The Dooradarshan Anchor who blurted Nonsense covering IFFI – Some humor and some thoughts

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 12.05.28 PMIFFI – International Film Festival of India…… One of the most important film festivals in Asia. Since 1952 when Nehru inaugurated the first festival IFFI has been a major avenue for the people of India to view international films in such a big way…. people travel from various parts of the world and from India to witness this… to watch, learn and be amazed by the creativity of films…

And here is an anchor from the national television Dooradarshan covering this prestigious event that was attended by so many dignitaries…. She has absolutely no idea why she is there and what she has to say…. totally unprepared…. I feel bad for her, but she has to be prepared…. The only thing she is clear is that she has to talk about Modi and his slogan of Ache din…. that is all that was delivered to her as an instruction to her…

Here are a few of her words and my comments in the bracket.. These are purely for humor

    1. I am Aaina Pahuja from DD…. (nice name… I hope I got the spelling right…)
    2. Let us talk to someone who has come here…. (oops you did not telecast what he said… where is the editor idiot.. fire him… or did he say something about Modi ji…)
    3. I like the concept very much because we make friendship around the world and learn cooperation… (What….?)
    4. I feel happy coming there…. (ok… move on lady… what else….?)
    5. I got to learn a ton of things coming there….. (oh that is simple…. if you know nothing you can learn…)
    6. I am having lot of fun in Goa… (good for you… all expenses paid…?)
    7. The festival logo has a peacock….. (what is great about that…)
    8. To a foreign attendee ‘Do you like watching movies…?’ (No… I like eating bhel puri and I heard they serve it free at the venue)
    9. Goa is going to become a significant part of this world… (Really…?… wow.. how come…?…. why now…?)
    10. I am much obliged to be part of this…. (you should be…. no doubt)
    11. I don’t know much about movies in depth.. (Who is the idiot who sent you here….?)
    12. Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 1.11.28 PM

      Governor of India

      If I can get to know any body can get to know… (There you go…. you do make real sense…)

    13. I am being enlightened….. (we too…. very much…. can’t stand the light…)
    14. Goa is a place you come to unwind yourself…… (I am very intertwined now…. )
    15. We have the Governor of India here…. (Who…?….. did you say Governor of India….?… never seen him sorry her)
    16. ache din aa rahe hein… Modi ji ki according…. (aha! now you are coming to the point…. the reason you blurted all these rubbish till now… was for these few golden words)
    17. I feel it… I really feel it….definitely ache din aa rahe hein…. (yes…I can feel it to…. really… definitely)
    18. Festival ke saath saath ache din aa rahe hein… (yes mam… IFFI is all about ache din.. we did not ahve these ache din before…. Thanks Modi ji…. Thanks a lot….)
    19. I want to say more things to you…. (please…. don’t…..)
    20. The nice climate of Goa…… (OK.. and then..?)
    21. thandi thandi hawa chal rahi thi….. (but what I saw was Rajni sir walking….. do you know him… ?.. where is that idiot editor… Thalaiva……)
    22. Isiliye to padhega bharat to badhega bharat…. (the golden words again… jai modi ji…. jai modi ji….)
    23. Filmi bazaar, bazaar jaise lagthe hein (mam.. bazaar nahin tho kya ghar jaise lagegi…?)
    24. Goa’s churches… so nice… but the temples here are more famous… (what..? was that also instructed dialogue….?… was that necessary…..?)
    25. My knowledge is something I carry with me everywhere I go…. (please do it… there is so little you have.. and if you don’t carry that with you… it would be catastrophic.. good decision)

Finally Mam one question… anything about movies or films that you can talk about…. oops… sorry… you did say you did not know much about it….. can you give us the name of that idiot who asked you to do this anchoring…..

Before I leave a few words to the anchor…. Mam please don’t take my words in a bad sense.. it was for humor.. and as a media person you should take it in that sense…. thsi is your learning experience…. yes it is on your expense… because I had to bring home a few points

    1. If it was any other TV channel I don’t care, but this is Dooradarshan…. .
    2. This is the DD that brought us Hum Log, Buniyaad and comedy shows like Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi and Nukkad… It brought us Chitrahaar…. It gave us Karamchand, It gave us Byomkesh Bakshi, Malgudi days and so on….
    3. May be I should not but even now I identify DD with my country in many ways…
    4. It is a very irresponsible for any channel to send someone to cover the most prestigious Film festival and in front of the crowd say that they don’t know anything about films
    5. It is very irresponsible for an anchor to do a new coverage without being prepared…
    6. I agree that this might be a truncated version and missing some things you said and would have not been interpreted in the same way if the continuity was given…. That is the reason I think the editor is equally to blame
    7. Though the prime suspect I honestly believe is not you but your boss…..
    8. I wish you will learn and do your best to do better next time…..

Again I hope you take my words in correct sense, because I love films and I am proud of DD because the only worthwhile TV program I have seen growing up is from Dooradarshan… We connect TV viewing with DD…. Until the channel avalanche and TRP matrices came into existences I always believed that only good programs were made for TV… and that credit goes to DD… DD was always above the saas bahu crap and realty TV crap…. DD is a channel with stuff, with intelligence, considerate and working towards the overall growth of Indians… not a propaganda machine… not a channel that telecasts unpreparedness to the world….

Jai Hind

This is the first time I have witnessed such a calamitous nose dive into a pile of shit… Sorry to say.. but that is the honest truth….

Watch for yourself

But along with that also read what I felt after writing this blogpost….

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15 replies

  1. “Dumb DD Anchor? LOL no “DUMB INDIAN MEDIA”” on YouTube – Dumb DD Anchor? LOL no “DUMB INDIAN MEDIA”:

    Its a shame to see how Indian media is picking on a naive, young anchor for most of the goof ups that occurred due to technical mistakes.
    Don’t have anything meaningful to work upon? Social crimes are dead?
    No one even recognizes the difference between fake and edited stuff.
    This controversy has given them happiness and snatched her happiness.

    Let’s see how many media people have got balls to share this.

    • Chandan,
      Thanks for the comment….
      I am assuming you read my entire blog and also the final few that I had for the Anchor
      This post was written for humor and of course some serious note

      And I have detailed the same
      “Mam please don’t take my words in a bad sense.. it was for humor.. and as a media person you should take it in that sense…. this is your learning experience…. yes it is on your expense… because I had to bring home a few points”
      I know some jokes are crude… But my friend this is media, she works in the media….
      if you face the camera you should be ready to take the criticism,
      if not you should not be in the media…. that being said my blog does not blame her completely but the editors and her boss for that matter…..
      Now may be the video is edited…. and it is not cool…. I am with you… but that will happen…
      Governor of india is a slip of tongue…. everyone gets it…. (FYI, I never called her Dumb, I said she was unprepared.. which I even now think…
      covering the IFFI and saying you have not much knowledge of films is in a way bad for the channel…
      That being said I Also hope you have read the point I mentioned
      “I agree that this might be a truncated version and missing some things you said and would have not been interpreted in the same way if the continuity was given…. That is the reason I think the editor is equally to blame”
      Chandan, if you can share the original video then I will make sure I will put it here and write about it….

      But I will always think the ache din and modi ji remarks are always awkward using everything as a propaganda…

      Finally I don’t thing she is the dumbest, there are people much dumb…. we both might look even more dumb in front of the camera…. so chill dude…. these are things that test people that will make her better, if not she should not be in media…..

      You know Aliya Bhatt incident…. there is a positive side to everything
      Also we both know this video made her more popular than an IFFI coverage does….
      she can turn it around…..if she wants to

    • Oh really? ‘Governor of India’ is not a technical mistake, and there are many other things she said which clearly show she’s below par. Have you seen the video? Don’t see it…just listen to her ‘dialogues’. she says we’ll like to share his (Governor’s) views and the Governor is a woman. She failed to do her homework and did not read anything about the event, films being showcased and personalities visiting before hosting the show. ‘Hum to Goa mein bahut maze kar rahe hein. Thandi thandi hawa chal rahi hei” Her case reflects the failure of an entire system. What is the basis of recruiting or hiring a news reader/anchor ??? Nepotism? Favouritism? Some thing else? How are skills tested? or are they tested? Sad state of affairs.

      • Shobha…. It was DD’s fault putting her there… and I think DD also struggles keeping up with the competition….. hope this becomes an eye opener for the senior management there….

  2. Dear blogger, i just saw her video on Logical Indian, if u hvnt seen, you shud definately. Its shame u r making fun of her coz of some mistakes she did, but how about u, did u not edit ur blog writeup before posting? Do you realize how many spelling mistakes are there in your rubbish article? SHAME!

    • Thanks for the comment Logic, hope you also read the one I wrote two days after this was posted…
      the humor was very bad taste… I agree, but I am not taking down this post as a reminder of my error…. but I have linked it to the second one.. 🙂 and thanks for pointing the spelling mistakes in my blog…. and stating it is rubbish…. 🙂

  3. Learn to forgive and forget. It is easy to blame, ruin a persons life and carrier. Be practical and first understand the problem by checking both sides of a coin.

  4. This article is nothing but TOTAL SHIT!!!!

  5. Listen, man, your words are too harsh (Talking about the comments you’ve written in parenthesis). Though the excerpts seem to be authentic, the comments reflect your egoistic mindset.. That wasn’t funny at all.

    • Lawrence, I am fully with you that it was harsh and not cool, that is why I had my second post…. I appreciate your candidness in the comment, the reason I did not take this out is to remind me that I should be more considerate when I post….. More over for the records I did chat with Aayenah and told her so as well 🙂 Thanks again for coming here and opening your mind…..

  6. Nicely written articles (Yes, I have read both of them; and yes, there are spelling mistakes but the essence is not lost). Very professional not personal.

  7. You missed one funny statement I.e. “Yeh more ki story mein aap ko jaldi bataungi” That statement was nice but unfortunately I never got to find out what the story is about! Whatever, I don’t blame the anchor at all…. The goof was much better than how it may have been otherwise. The entire team is at fault. And people only blame the anchor. But yeah let this post remain as it is fun and on a very lite note and not critical at all.

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