Some Fun with a Fraud Caller

Today I get a call from an unknown number… The guy says he is from Microsoft Application Support Corporation…. He tells me that my computer is compromised as it has sent some alert to them…. He wants to help me…..
And he tells “please turn on”
I reply to him that I was turned on the moment I heard his voice
He says thanks and then continues “I will give you a set of instructions and you have to follow them exactly”
“I reply again “Wow that is so sweet of you…. I am very excited”
He again Thanks me and continues with his drill of steps he wants me to do reminding me of the many outsourced supports calls you attend….
And this gets boring soon and I ask him “Do you think I am stupid?”
He hangs up the phone
I have no clue if he hung up because he realized I am a stupid or because he genuinely thinks I am not… or maybe he got turned on trying to help me with my security issue…
Anyway the interesting fact is the guy had a south Asian accent much like mine (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka….?). It was much different from the usual Eastern European accent I get on these calls…. And I should say the call was very convincing and  genuine sounding… I really think there is a big opportunity for outsourced fraud callers : )