Star Trails

startrailsWhen i stepped out
they told I will lose the roof
I said there is a sky
it is same for all of us…
I said there are stars, many of them
I can now count them
without any obstruction
at nights I would look and see
faces of people
even dream the unfinished dreams
of those fortunate to become the stars
and then one night it rained
it started trickling slowly
waking me up from a three part dream
I was half way through the second part
just when the knife was kept to the throat…
then it rained heavily…
I covered my face with my hands
and I could see that they were wrinkled
I moved my hands slowly on my face
My face was wrinkled too…
time had been passing as usual
as I counted the stars
and dreamed the unfinished dreams
of the dead people…..
and the roof that I lost,
was no where to find…..


Categories: Poetry

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