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Sreesanth – The untold hero of Indian Cricket

Here is what happened and no paper will ever report; another planned effort against the great malayalee and the state is in total shock and the high command is seriously discussing the matter (avalokanam in political malayalaee  terms).

Though I am not in liberty to give you the complete details of issues, here are some of the headlines that papers were suppose to report, but some vampan karutha kaikal (big black hands in malayalam) got it removed.

Sreesanth – the only person in the indian team who enquired and cared about the girl who was suppose to run naked.

Dhoni asks sreesanth to shut up when he says “mone ini olade uduthoori ottavum koodi kandal world kup kushaalaayi” (now if we can see her run nude the world cup would have been complete)

Sreesanth tries to come out after Dhoni hits the wining sixer, but found