The inventor of the revolving door is Kattappa

I watched Bahubali yesterday and my hypothesis has achieved 100% significance. I think the inventor of the Revolving Door is Kattappa, just like many other inventions from Ancient India. Though H. Bockhacker of Berlin was granted German patent DE18349 on December 22, 1881 for “Tür ohne Luftzug” or “Door without draft of air”, which used…

Humor is not a Tiger that you should fear to embrace

aving a sense of humor is very important for long life; that is what I have heard. But I do now a lot of funny people who dies young and grumpy fellows who lived long enough to see their generation go away. So it cant be true for all. But I guess the point is…

Sreesanth – The untold hero of Indian Cricket

Here is what happened and no paper will ever report; another planned effort against the great malayalee and the state is in total shock and the high command is seriously discussing the matter (avalokanam in political malayalaee  terms). Though I am not in liberty to give you the complete details of issues, here are some…


She ‘Can you keep a secret?’; He ‘NO’; She ‘Cool! I want you to tell the whole world’; He nodded yes; She ‘You are a total Moron’

Santa Claus

He knew Santa was real; To confirm he hid in the living room. He was so happy & proud when he saw that santa looked exactly like his Dad.


The old town had a hundred people, fifty were blind in the left eye and the other fifty in the right. But they always walked in pairs

Bad Luck

She started running seeing the guy behind her. He was too fast for her and reached the counter and bought the last ticket