The inventor of the revolving door is Kattappa

I watched Bahubali yesterday and my hypothesis has achieved 100% significance. I think the inventor of the Revolving Door is Kattappa, just like many other inventions from Ancient India.

Though H. Bockhacker of Berlin was granted German patent DE18349 on December 22, 1881 for “Tür ohne Luftzug” or “Door without draft of air”, which used a rotating cylinder with a door which after entering, the user then turned around to the exiting direction.

And Theophilus Van Kannel, of Philadelphia, was granted US patent 387,571 on August 7, 1888 for a “Storm-Door Structure”. The patent drawings filed show a three-partition revolving door. I think it was Kattappa who first found it.

It was Kattappa, The revolving Door inventor. I had a doubt but When I saw Bahubali the conclusion it was confirmed. I was amazed that in a fight scene Kattapa pulls out the door from its hinges and creates a revolving door through which Sivagami and Bahubali Jr. escape and make way for the generations ahead to use and kids to enjoy and village Fresh Off the Boats into the city to be confused. The revolving door is a Kattappa invention.

In the light Viswa Hindu Parishad joint general secretary Swami Vigyananand saying that the word ‘Industry’ is born out of INDUS. I wonder if they would ask for changing the name of the ‘Revolving Door’ to ‘kattappa Bhrami Dwar’ in the memory of Kattappa whose only role has been to always remain loyal and aligned with who ever is in power without even checking or doubting if the one in power is right or wrong.

As I write this I am hearing that Kattappa’s real name was Kuttappan and he was from a village in kozhikode. Chief Minister Pinarayi has asked all Kuttappans to shave their head and mustache and just have a beard. Barbers in Kerala are now busy. There is another reason for this.

It is said that the Bahubali story was taken from an incident in the life of the Kerala Beloved Mahabali. Major Ravi is planning on a prequel to the sequel called “Kuttappanum Mahabaliyum – The Resurrection”. He is eyeing for Mohanlal and Mammootty to do the coveted roles. Both of them are now ‘BEEF’ing up their muscles for the roles.

Awaiting the Resurrection… after the conclusion.. Jai Kattappa

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