Humor is not a Tiger that you should fear to embrace

aving a sense of humor is very important for long life; that is what I have heard. But I do now a lot of funny people who dies young and grumpy fellows who lived long enough to see their generation go away. So it cant be true for all. But I guess the point is if you have a good laugh you will feel good. Some people like the humor cooked well and spiced up, where us many eat it raw and it is up to your taste to like and dislike something.

I have enjoyed a humor always and also been the laughing stock at times (which of course did not seem that funny and happy an incident any time). Yesterday I wrote a blog making fun of a celebrity and to my amazement there was a good amount of people who enjoyed it. The interesting thing was that among them there was also a few people who felt bad about what I wrote. But bottom line is that many people like
when someone is made fun of.

Now this might not be a very good thing, but it surely is what happens everywhere. Last year our daughter came to us complaining that a few students made fun off her over something and she was quite hurt about it. I asked her what it was
and she explained and I could not stop laughing myself. She was very mad at me for joining the bunch of miscreants in her class. Well any way, I went ahead that told her a few things about how making fun works.

I don’t remember what that was, but she was quite convinced. Anyway there on the same thing that made her angry was kind of our family joke when we used to tease her and she too got used to it. I am happy that she was able to take it in the right sense and not start making fun of others. But again fun and humor are two things; making fun can turn negative, but humor is always positive. It is simple and serene and often tickles the heart with a feather. I think one of the best piece of learning you can impart your kids is to have a good sense of humor and be able to understand the humor even if it is made at your expense.

My Two Cents

Go somewhere and laugh your heart out!!

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