In the truth does not lie your lies, but in your lies you can hide a whole truth


What makes a person lie, have you ever thought. Whenever I have tried asking that question, the only reasonable answer I find is fear. Fear that one might loose something or fear that one might be subjected to ridicule or even fear that the truth might be too harsh for the other to bear. Fear leads to lies even among the virtuous

We are always struggling to remain positive in a negative world and the negativity instills fear in people and this fear forces one to deflect his or her path and move astray, in other words fabricate the facts to survive. While everyone wishes to grow up as perfect human beings, devoid of fear and truthful; unknowingly many grow up to learn a few things; how to lie and how to hide the truth. The good news for all is that once we learn these we can also grow out of it. The realization that the absence of fear is the presence of truth can teach a few things and one of it is that peace comes from facing the

truth. Truth is something that if you throw out of your window, it will come back and knock your door. It will never leave and so if you embrace it now, you are connecting with your self which is good in the long term. Understanding that there is nothing that can hurt you other than a lie being caught or a truth that you accept late.

If you have a truth that is hidden somewhere that you are troubled of, or if you have a lie that you are living with, it is never too late to change it. When you decide to get more closer to truth you will find that your reasons to hide it also will diminish tremendously. In the truth does not lie your lies, but in your lies you can hide a whole truth

My Two Cents

A Truth will hurt most when hidden!

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