Start something that you love to do and see how it changes you!

People are diverse, so are their interests. Most people want to do a lot of things in life and often think a good deal about it but sadly the majority of time these remain just in thoughts. I know this for sure because many things I want to do myself are just in my thoughts. The barriers to start are so tall that one never really goes over it to face the hurdles of doing it.

This starting trouble can look so personal and only affecting you, but it is quite universal. Even the guy who does a hundred things will have another couple that he has not been able to start doing. For this guy, time might be the barrier and not a starting trouble. First and foremost never feel bad if you have not started, it is never late to do what you love

People always seem quite engaged and busy but when asked if this is what they really want, there is a long silence. And then hesitantly comes an avalanche of what all they want to do. Why then the delay? Thoughts to action can be a long way, but there is a way for sure. One should realize that there are a few things or journeys in life that you should start without thinking where it will lead you to. One such journey is starting to do what you love.

This can be simple things you love to do, Painting, studying, writing, making movies, singing, anything that brings happiness to you. While these are all activities that have given people wealth, power and fame, my take is if you love something don’t keep your ears tuned to the cash register ringing, do it whole heartedly and you will find happiness.

To start anything you love you don’t need a grandiose plan, you need to first start it from within you and it will find its way outside. Life is quite long a journey and you will find a time in life when the hustle bustle is all over and then the only thing you will have is your happiness. Never feel you have wasted time doing what you don’t love. Do it now, Don’t Wait…

My Two Cents

Start something that you love to do TODAY!!

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