Play Life like Golf; compete with your last game, not the opponent

A day ago I wrote about humor and why it is important for one to have and today I have a different flavor of the same thought. There are some people who kind of bring with them a stickiness. By stickiness I mean they give out a tremendous amount energy that pulls others to them gets them hooked up. I am not talking about charisma or leadership qualities that makes one follow, this is simple energy that attracts others.

I have seen several people like this in my life but never figured if this is an inborn talent or something that they train themselves to. But over years I have always found that many of them have a genuine interest in other people and this stickiness is often as a result of this interest to help and share. At least this trait is in born and so if you are willing to help and share you can be sticky.

Well it might not be that easy or else the world will be one family of people sticking to one another. So it is more about
having the willingness and I often think why people don’t share or help. Again I come to the same devil I despise fear; fear that you might allow the other person to over take you in what ever race you are running.

Long ago someone told me that golf is the one game in which you always play again your last game and not against an opponent. This is so true that if your focus is on sharpening yourself you will never have to look for opportunities to cut others. So in one way these sticky people are those that keep the competition within themselves and not outside. They compete with themselves and are devoid of the fear that sharing or helping can devalue them. They live a complete life and make effort to make the other’s life complete. Finishing first is not everything, if you think so, think death and you will start thinking otherwise.

My Two Cents

Sharpen yourself; don’t focus on cutting others!


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