Support Anna Hazare; Fight Corruption; Enact the Lokpal Bill

This is an important time not just for us Indians but everyone who thinks that corruption eats into our values like a cancer sickening and weakening the very foundation in which our nations and societies are built.

As an Indian I bow my head to the man who dedicated all his life for the betterment and upheaval of the downtrodden and then at seventy one decides to set an example to all others who think that somethings can never be fixed. This is his answer not only to the corrupt, but also the ones who readily accept the corrupt and to all those who remain silent when the vultures dig in their claws into the remaining virtues that we have as humans and citizens of a great country.

Sixty three years ago another great soul had taken three bullets on his chest, one each for every color on the national flag so that the charkha (spinning Wheel) in between could spin the nation to a new beginning. Today I bow to him as well for I feel that we as a nation have even capsuled him and his thoughts in bottles that we open up only on handful days a year.

I bow my head also to every indian who is physically supporting the effort to see that corruption be eliminated not just by talk but by action that will put the corrupted behind bars for minimum 5 to maximum life imprisonment. And I pledge my support to this non violent fight that will in the future send shivers to every corruption in the government. This would be the mark of a movement that can enlighten the world.

We belong to the largest democracy in the world, the largest number of common people who exercise their power to decide who should run the country. Through our power to decide our fate we have inspired the world to get on its feet and walk to their dreams.

Without shedding a drop of blood other than ours we have made our enemies retreat. With both hands we have welcomed every single race and religion who were prosecuted and displaced from their own land. We have always in our diverse cultures, languages and even looks upheld our belief that we are one.

No where in world can you witness such a remarkable example of unity that we have acquired through our generations. And no way are we going to give away all these for a handful of corrupt thugs who use power to run their empires.

Pledge your support to Anna Hazare! Let us make this the final fight to end corruption.



  1. jose CA

    At last Anna Hazare won the battle. The Indian multitude was behind him. There was no need to the Government of India lead him to start a struggle. Any way all settled.

  2. Vg6314v.k.gupta

    I don’t think that their is a single person this whole world who will not oppose the corruption so is Anna but while fighting it one should keep in mind that eliminating corruption  is not as easy as sitting on dharna. Whatever fight can be undertaken against corruption it can only be within the framework of law of the land.If law of land does not permit the kind of changes Anna wants it is better to demand replacement of that law of land in that case it is the constitution of india a demand which has not been raised by Anna.Apart from this Anna says that if he decides to face election his deposits would get forfeited according to him it is for the reason that he has no money.It implies that Anna do not recognise the most pious excercise of indian democracy  which is no less than disregard to the nation which is not desirable for the people like Anna. He has no authority to do so. Better  course for Anna would be to co-operate with govt. of the day and to extract maximum possible from the existing law of the land  in support of a common cause. Abusing political class or every one will not serve the purpose on the contrary it would further precipitate hatre in the society which is no good for nation..    

    1. Vinod Narayan

      Mr. Gupta, I am not sure if you are speaking on behalf of politicians, but my post was not to talk on politicians in general, what we need is an interal review of ourselfves in a system of corruption. The sad part is people are not interested in doing that self analysis of our individual contribution actively and passively to corruption. And here corruption is not just about money, but the whole idea of doing the right thing over the wrong. After a few posts I had made a final post in this regard, please do read that and comment as well, would love to hear your thoughts. And thanks again for visiting. The single benefit of all these is that everyone agrees that corruption is wrong, but thequestion is how far will one tread in the path to cleanse himself along with pointing fingers.

      Read the final post here

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