It is Good Morning Outside

Is there a specific age when you lose your sense of wonder? The wow factor that we hold on so dearly as kids. An age from when on we kind of get used to things around us. I am not talking about the huge waterfalls or the rainbow or the stars and skies, but even simple thing as the morning on a new day. The fact is that many people even miss appreciating the rainbows and the starry nights nowadays.

Today our son comes to my room in the morning and looks out of the window and says “Papa, it is good morning outside” Though he is not very excited when I call him from his bed, he is all ready to embrace the day once he is dressed up. Evenings are not bad, don’t misunderstand me, there are parties, drinks, TV, sex, sleep, food and more. But mornings are beautiful and they have wings that help us fly.

I once told someone that I love to see the morning sun rise and they thought it was for the beauty and I replied that it was not the beauty, but the fact that I will have more time than my competitor who wakes up late. That was an honest but miserable take on life I guess, missing the beauty of the sunrise to remain competitive. But I still feel one should rise up early because you will still have more of the day for yourself. You will always get enough night to do what you want to, days are what you will miss when you don’t have them, you will never in life regret more of the daytime you get.

I have lived sleep deprived and stressed out making the days and nights look the same miserable chunk of time, and I know that I was never alone and I had lots of company from people I know and not know. This lifestyle had been the example of normalcy and the abnormality was the guy who gets up in the morning after a sound night’s sleep and says “what a perfect day”

If you think that what life has to offer is not for the sleep deprived guy and for the fun guy in you, then tomorrow get up in the morning and go out and say out loud “It is good morning outside”. There is never a bad morning out there, there will never be one.

My Two Cents

Enjoy a Good Morning, Everyday!

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