There are toys for all ages and I love the ones you don’t get in the shop

Video games or stuffed animals are a big industry and the more the kids become choosy the bigger gets the industry. But even with access to expensive toys and games, if you show the kid a paper boat or airplane, he is bound to drop the expensive toy on the ground and get the one you made. And if you show him how you made it he is even more thrilled. The fun of the toy is only when it adorns are toyshop shelf, at home, it just takes space and gets packed for donation.

One of the most lovable toys I have found in my life were the handmade push car (that is what we use to call it I guess). This was made of old Hawaii chappals (rubber sandals) and stick and some piece of rope. You would first cut two round pieces form the sandal that can roll, then you would make a hole in the center of both the circular pieces and put a small stick between that now you have a stick with two round pieces on either side and it can roll. Then you take the big stick and tie it to the center of the small stick and then you push the whole thing as you walk.

We had races, we beautified our carts with flowers and we did tire changes. We even stole brand new sandals from visitors at home and blamed it on the neighbor’s dog. I can’t help thinking about the various other things that we made with stuffs on the ground, plats, nuts and the paper boats and more.. In college also we made our toys and the most popular was the rockets that flew from one end of the classroom to the other and its takeoff time was determined by the lecturer turning his head towards the black board.

From sandal carts, to boats to rockets to now, life has not changed much; it has just become more enjoyable. I need to make a paper plane and fly it this weekend

My Two Cents

If you wan’t to play with toys don’t count your age!

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