Rhea Turns Twelve Today

Rhea Turns 12 today. I remember when her first tooth fell, it did not really fall, plucked would be the right word. A two day event with me giving way for all her antics till her mom said that I was too much lenient. I remember her excitement getting 5 dollars from the tooth fairy, and me borrowing it once when I did not have change. Then she grew up to know that fairies were fake and I told her, ‘yes, they are not real, but enjoy a fairy tale all your life.’

Today when she turns 12 and steps a year closer to her teens, She has grown to be a responsible kid, a pretty one too and above all she has got a heart of gold and for me that is what matters any time any day. There is never a dearth for love or advice for ones kids and hopefully mine make sense to her..

Never doubt ‘if you can’; because ‘Only you can’

Never fear to cry when you want to, tears will wash off any sadness in your eyes

I fear for you for I love you and so I tell you ‘always be safe’

Laugh out loud so people can hear your heart speak

Follow your dream what ever it be, we will only be proud of you, always

Don’t burden your life with our dreams; we have had ours and now it is all yours

Remember, No daughter has ever grown beyond 6 for any father, you are always 6 for me

Be eighteen only when you are and not a day before

Always trust but Never be heart broken, for life should move on

Your mom found her love and you will too 🙂

Where ever you go in this world, this will always be your first home and your home for ever.

And finally. You are only 12 and you have 12 more months to be a teen, so only watch PG till then 🙂

Wish you a Happy Birthday dear!!!

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  1. I read it again and again…and each time it brought tears in my eyes. I couldn’t have asked anything better for Rhea than this – that too coming from her dad :-). You have given everything a girl would want from her dad and I explained this to Rhea too which she understands very well. I am proud of you both. Only the lucky ones get to be a father like this and a daughter like this too 🙂 I am happy I made the right decision.

  2. God Bless the family!

  3. Adorable family! 🙂 and some great piece of advice. PG = hilarious! =D
    All my prayers with all of you.

  4. 🙂 WOW…..
    Thats t best post from a dad!!!!
    More than t post – ur wifes comment is wat i love t most …

    It is not easy for a woman to b proud of her family – unless she really is!!!

    And ofcourse – a CUTE Family…God bless

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