Every day is a new day; but is it a balanced day?

Every day is a new day and to know that we don’t need a lot of mathematical calculations. But what is different is that every new day comes with a new set of challenges and a different set of past day baggage. Unless of course your life is a string of well defined predictable moments collected to a 24 hours time frame. That does not mean that nothing is predictable. It is a mix of predictable new, out of the blues and unfinished yesterdays.

That being said how would it be if you were able to differentiate between these and kind of create a way to judge how much of your day falls into these categories. Will it make life better? Let us explore. If you are in a 9 to 5 job doing pretty much the same thing every day and don’t have much extracurricular activities, you can say that a big chunk of your day is the predictable new which kind of borders with your unfinished yesterdays, though it might not be unfinished, it will be always linked firmly with your yesterdays. The out of the blues would be only when you have an uninformed visitor in the form of a person or a sickness or any such manner. Rest assured you know each day as it comes.

If you are entrepreneur, you will still have a good amount of predictable news and quite a lot of unfinished yesterdays and out of the blues will also be there and effects you base on how prepared you are. This usually happens in a balanced form and any imbalance will be clearly visible. For creative folks though they tend to believe that they are a big chunk of out of the blues, it is not so, it is again a mix of all these in varied rates and ranges.

I think that irrespective of the person you are and the life you lead you can create a balance here if you put things into these three buckets and look at it periodically. You can do things to increase or decrease the quantities in each and for a balance that can give a better meaning and in the way see every day not just a new day, but a well balanced new day.

My Two Cents

Balance Your day, Everyday!

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