Anything is good, if it is made of chocolate

Chocolates, I love them. I could never imagine someone who would not love chocolates and be a fun person. Apparently that theory was broken when I met my wife. She dislikes chocolates but is fun to be with. Since I like her and I like chocolates I made a planned move to get my kids to love chocolate so the chocolate side at home is stronger. Now I am also struggling to reduce the chocolate intake for both of the kids. You reap what you sow, but that is a different story, Bottom line, I love chocolates.

Over the years I have got acquainted with a variety of chocolateswith varied degree of flavors. But still my heart is with the Cadbury Milk Chocolate. I think that M&Ms are not as good as the gems I used to eat when I was a kid. No offense to you Hershey and M&M lovers, I love you too, my kids are your type.

Chocolates were always a part of my mom’s incentive to get my ass on the chair next to the books and study. Though the knowledge did not change the waistline definitely did. Then years later I had a chance to visit the Cadbury factory in London, I figured out that eating chocolates are better than living in a chocolate factory. The smell was too intense for my senses to handle. Yet chocolates remain a good friend. Though recently it has been quite less as some anti chocolate group claims that too much of that is not good for health and seems like everyone has a lot of faith on them.

My Two Cents

Take a Chocolate and feel it melt in your mouth!

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